Minh Vo

Minh Vo

Lead Engineer

A well-versed programmer and pixel-perfect graphics artist who‘s always trying to improve his skills. Efficiency, design, and fundamentals are important to him, but so are feel and quality image. Ideally, he’d like to think of himself as the modern Renaissance man, but there’s still a long way to go! Currently learning Ruby and diligently getting faster at Vim.

Please view my resume and portfolio at http://www.minhvo.net. There you’ll find my graphics work, project screenshots, code samples, and Oracle documentation I wrote.

» 10+ years of continuous web programming for Finance, Education, IT Research & Development, eCommerce, Navigation, and Search.

» Proven SQL and database skills dealing with large datasets (6 TB+) in a variety of DBMS platforms such as Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server.

» Expert experience in relational database design, integration, project planning and costing, graphic design across all types of media, and user-interface design.

» Superior work ethic: life-long learner, self-motivated, hard working, detail-oriented, skilled problem-solver, and team player.

» Specialties: ColdFusion, Flex/AS3, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Linux, Oracle 10g/11g Development/Administration, Adobe Photoshop, Print Design, Graphics.

  • Web Programming

  • SQL and Database

  • Relational Database Design

  • Lover

  • Singer

  • Dripping with Swag