Meet the Team

The people behind the most powerful design house

Minh Vo

Lead Engineer

Minh is a powerhouse developer, Oracle-certified whiz, and pixel-perfect graphics artist who’s worked on the bleeding edge of technology for almost twenty years. He’s created two award-winning FinTech products, written financial models, developed phonetic and sentiment analysis algorithms, built highly interactive charting libraries and countless other business apps.

He’s impacted the Finance, Education, Entertainment, and Technology industries and has worked with and groomed countless CEOs, Department Heads, and Directors in corporations of various sizes. His awe for tech is contagious. His thirst for knowledge, insatiable.

Now he’s offering his experience to you through Draft Studios!

“Uncompromising quality is what I think we’re all about. When you work with us, we won’t hand you anything short of beautiful.

With our unique blend of skills and technical know-how, plus our genuinely helpful mindset, we believe that world-class design and care should be made available to everyone.

We think our work speaks for itself and that it should give you confidence that we will create that look and feel you’ve always dreamed of.”

Jimmy Le

Creative Director

Jimmy mainly works as a Graphic Designer and WordPress Developer but he’s picked up many skills along the way. Woodworking, carpentry, interior design, cooking, aquascaping, and bonsai are just a few areas which his discerning eye for aesthetics has set his work apart.

Anything to him can be broken down to an art form therefore, he draws his inspiration from everything and everyone around him.

– “I love seeing the reaction people have to my work. It can be a drawing, a building project, my fish tank, or my bowl of noodles. I see everything through the scope of an artist and the most gratifying moment is seeing all your hard work summed up right in the face of your audience as they dive in.”

Jimmy now runs Draft Studios with Minh managing all the visual effects and assets. The majority of his work encompasses web design, marketing assets, and anything he can add value to.

Michael Som


Mike is a Draft Studios Photographer who specializes in on-location vehicle shots. His reserved personality is balanced by his bold and dynamic shots. Sometimes staring right back at you, his work with cars brings their attitude to life. Clever contrast and creative angles show his attention to detail and his passion for performance.

A serious gear head himself, Mike is big in the local car scene. Always spotted with his camera and the latest lens, he’s ready to shoot at a moments notice.

“Exploring new tech is a great excuse for buying more toys. New gear equals new possibilities.”

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